Vodka With A Purpose

Maryn Miklas & Ethan Miklas - The Creators and Founders of FIX High Alkaline Vodka

As an avid vodka connoisseur and acid-reflux sufferer, Maryn Miklas was on a mission to create a better alternative of her favorite spirit. After researching her condition, she adopted an alkaline diet in response to acidic food and drink. During their crusade, they discovered alcoholic spirits are highly acidic. After two years of trial and error consulting scientists and distillers, they created Austin's first natural gluten-free, pesticide-free corn, high alkaline vodka. FIX High Alkaline Vodka uses pesticide-free corn, as well as high-alkaline calcium and magnesium-rich mineral water with a proprietary process of filtration that marries the blend, creating a smooth-tasting, high-pH alkaline vodka. Maryn and her husband, Ethan are proud to introduce this revolutionary new, Double Gold Medal Winning – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021 high alkaline vodka!